Initiation | Signing NDA

We value our client's ideas and we make sure that the information shared with us is well protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA). We are one of the trusted partner's of various prestigiuos companies and we work to the best of our capabilities to remain the same.

Custom Proposal | Defining Scope Of Project

In order to ensure timely delivery of your project we always first work on defining the scope of the project including the deliverables expected from us. Our project managers work closely to anlayze your requirements and suggests the best possible solution with budget and timelines.

Formal Agreement

Once the proposal is accepted and all the details have been agreed upon, it is the time to sign a formal agreement and to intiate the project.

Business Analytics

We start investigating your industry/sector and research your competitors, which enables us in identifying opportunities and help us to formulate a compelling strategy. We also analyze the details of your project to understand the purpose/goals and targeted audience.

Mock Design & Content Development

From the information we collect, we brainstrom the concept and we start designing the alpha version of the website. We take your feedback and comments on the alpha version and finalise the designs for your approval and sign off.

Coding | Finalizing Alpha Version

Once we receive the final sign off on the design finalized, we start developing the project with full feature set. This is generally the most time consuming phase as it involves implementing the final customizations, adding SEO enhancements and migrating the website to the servers for testing.

Testing & Evaluation

Once the final website is migrated on the server, we perform various tests like browser compatibility test, load time test. We also check the functionality of scripts and plugins installed to make sure that the final product is completely optimized and error free.

Support, Maintenance & Promotion

Once your project is live, we provide number of support and promotion packages that you can choose from. Our promotion techniques make sure that you reach your target market. We can define the right online marketing strategy for you from the various promotion services we offer. You can reach your target audience by
Blogging, Press Release, Facebook Promotion, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO(Social Media Optimization), SEM(Search Engine Marketing).

We offer end to end digital marketing solutions and help start-ups/established brands in maximising their digital marketing performance. Feel Free to get a free consultation.